How Lattis Can Help You

Outshine your competitors, and blow your customer’s expectations away

In all areas of your business, from operations to sales, efficiency and a high service level are imperative. You need to excel at meeting your customer's ever-changing expectations. Improve employee productivity. Provide an innovative and differentiated customer experience. And grow your business.

Lattis can help you choose the right IT solutions to meet your business goals and overcome your business challenges.

Building Your Business

Are you sure that you have the right IT systems in place to help you capitalize on new revenue opportunities and grow your business?

Expanding to a new location requires new capabilities.  Can your existing network handle it?   Can you get network connectivity and services up and running quickly to support your changing needs?   Are you making business investments into IT systems that will provide flexibility, scalability, and that are easy to use?

Delivering First-Class Service for your Customers

Can you exceed your customer’s expectations to deliver exceptional services and customer interactions?

Today’s customer uses technology on a daily basis, and has a set of expectations about what kind of experience they should have when they do business with you.  They want service faster, better access to information, and a quality customer experience.   Do your IT systems help you meet and exceed these expectations and position you above your competitors?

Improving Employee Productivity

Are your employees as productive as they should be?  Network access is a huge factor that affects productivity.  Lattis offers solutions that make network access and communication available where you need it, and we keep your network highly secure and easy to manage.

Become more Efficient and Reduce Costs

How can you get your technology to perform better for your business and reduce your total cost of ownership?

If your technology infrastructure can’t keep pace with your growth, your business can suffer.  Outdated technology can also taper your employee’s effectiveness.  It also exposes your network to security and compliance risks.  Lattis can help make your infrastructure more robust and economical without placing extra burdens on you or your staff. 

If you own your own business, or manage a business, technology plays a key role that can contribute to your success.  In any given business you can find the following types of technologies:

  • Business Application Servers
  • Data Backup Systems
  • Routers and Firewalls
  • Network Security Systems
  • Virtual Private Networks and Secure Remote Access
  • Computers and Laptops (Windows, Mac, and Linux)
  • Business Telephone Systems with Voicemail
  • Printers and Scanners and other peripherals
  • Local Area Network Equipment – Wired and Wireless
  • Internet Content Filtering Systems
  • Business Telephone Systems
  • ISP Service and Telephone Service Vendor Management
  • Mobile Devices – Smart Phones and Tablets

If any one of these systems are poorly designed or maintained they can work against your business, and cause costly disruptions.  The skill sets required to manage, secure, and support the entire list of systems you may have in your business require a team, not an individual.

We help people that own or manage businesses by providing a team of skilled people that are experienced in supporting the wide range of technologies found in businesses today.    

Choose Lattis to be your Business Technology Partner.

We have a proven 14 year track record of success in working with business clients.

If you have an upcoming project, or if you recognize the need to have your business technology managed by a team of skilled professionals, contact Lattis today to get started.


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Phone Solutions

Lattis Networks has experience with Cisco and Avaya business telephone systems. We have the ability to implement a new network-enabled phone system, which requires data networking expertise, a skill that traditional phone vendors have fallen behind.

Lattis has the expertise to address voice and data requirements to ensure that your new phone system runs smoothly.

Data Backup

Your data is a vital asset, so protecting it is critical. Whether a natural disaster strikes or an employee accidentally erases a file, recovering quickly is essential. Our backup and disaster recovery plans help you weather any storm.

Wireless Networking

Lattis Networks offers you the solution to your wireless networking headaches. Our technical staff provides years of experience in designing and supporting dependable wireless networks.


Lattis Networks delivers comprehensive security solutions for virus protection and Internet security.

IT Support

From the help desk to heavy lifting, our support team and proactive monitoring services provide you with peace of mind knowing your systems are safe, stable, and secure.


Networks are a vital part of any organization. Our technical staff will help plan, deploy and support your network infrastructure.

Disaster Recovery

A disaster recovery plan is a critical part of any companies IT infrastructure. Lattis Networks has years of experience designing and implementing disaster recovery plans.

Fiber and Cat6 Cabling

Lattis has the professional cabling installation team who can design and install copper and fiber optic cabling for your business.

Lattis Networks – Your Technology Business Partner
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