The Threat is Imminent
The Force is Strong in This One
Danger, Will Robinson!
It's the Godzilla El Nino!

Okay, okay... a little over dramatic..

Surveys of water temperature, atmosphere and wind anomalies managed by the NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) point to an El Nino affecting our Central Coast 2016 Winter and Spring. Let's not imagine a horrific outcome. Like most of us in California, I'm sure that your general hope is that water will fall from the sky.

If the torrential rains come down as expected, we will need to be ready to manage what drought and fires have done to our ecosystem. For business owners this may simply mean to be prepared to weather this storm with technology that is armed to handle outage, break in service, or damaged technical assets.


If you are not sure if your business is ready, answer these quick questions that will help you consider. Then, contact us to complete an assessment of our business technology. We can develop a plan to keep you running efficiently and prepared for the unthinkable disaster.

Is Your Business Prepared?

Lattis Networks has provided businesses on the Central Coast with technology services and solutions that are efficient and dependable for over 15 years. With consistency in developing innovative ways to solve technology challenges with Networks, Phone Systems, Wireless, Data Back up and much more, Lattis has become an IT business expert and leader in your neigborhood. Our involvement in your business is a partnership that lasts and builds a stronger environment for possibilities and growth.

Have a question about how to be prepared? We can help with that! Why wouldn't you want to build a secure technical business environment? You need an Information Technology Service Continuity Team.

Use the link below to connect with us so that we can review your Business Continuity Plan.

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